Permanent shift.
Memory, humanity, future.

 The speed of information flows has risen to such an extent that the presentation of the information itself has become intermittent. Given the fact that we all live in the environment of the permanent lack of time, it is impossible to get an all-encompassing picture of the world. The intermittency has become the very essence of contemporary mind-set.
The unwillingness of certain people to be driven away by and live in the rhythm that is permanently escalating creates various social groups.  Oftentimes, the aggressive attitude toward the new can be explained by such rhythm of existence and, consequently, by the different speed of information processing. The intermittency creates the conditions for the coexistence of irreconcilable views, positions, concepts. The refugees find their new home in liberal Europe that, at the same time, is marked by the rise of the right wing. The US Government – that used to be the epitome of democracy – is currently led by the radical who has taken his office pursuant to the results of the democratic elections. Ukraine, having embarked on a European path, includes so many groups that the state has no opportunity to follow the one vector of development. In a situation like this, there are no common values anymore. The essence and core components of human values are in a permanent transformation.
In this project, we are looking at three principal values: memory, humanity, future.

We are exploring how they are understood by contemporary society.