Serhiy Chaika, untitled, 2016, oil on canvas, 120x90 cm

Kiev Landscape is an unprecedented project representing the largest Kyiv landscape exhibition in the history of Ukraine with a biennial cycle and an ambitious goal - to show all the beauty of Kiev, to feel its uniqueness, to see how the city transforms through the historical optics of artists of different generations. The project consists of two expositions - a museum (curator Ekaterina Lipa) and an exhibition of works by contemporary artists (curator Evgeny Karas).

Artistic interpretation of the landscape of the capital will be a unique opportunity for exploration of the city both by guests and the residents of Kyiv, will emphasize the tourist attraction of Kiev. The event will improve the positive perception of the city during the international festivals Eurovision and Kyiv Art Week.

The Kyiv History Museum is the only collection of paintings and graphics in the capital and Ukraine in general dedicated to Kyiv which has been amassed systemically over several decades. The lion"s share of the collection is the views of the city landscape. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the Kyiv History Museum has the largest collection of Kyiv landscapes in Ukraine, and then in the world.

Chronologically, the exhibition covers the XX century as the most fruitful in creating the landscapes of the capital. At the beginning of the century, artists perceived the image of individual picturesque corners of Kyiv, which at the time had a largely farmstead town look, as a purely artistic task, without going too much into the reflection of the urban environment. The real birth of the Kyiv landscape occurred after the World War II, when the horror of contemplation of the ruins changed to the joy of restoration. Over the next decades, the image of Kyiv acquired depth and variety in the works of prominent artists of Ukraine.

The audience will have the opportunity to see works that were previously shown very rarely, or are being exhibited for the first time. Among them are works by masters of Ukrainian avant-garde Oleksandr Bogomazov, Lev Kramarenko, Mykola Burachek, Oleksandr Khvostenko-Khvostov, exquisite paintings by Sergiy Svitoslavsky, Grygoriy Svetlitsky and Sergiy Shishko, outstanding masters of the second half of the XX century Tatyana Yablonska, Sergiy Grigoriev, Yuriy Khimich and many others. The exhibition also presents landscape works from the collections of the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the National Museum "Kiev Picture Gallery" (former Museum of Russian Art).

The exhibition of works of artists of the XXI century was put together based on selection carried out by the Karas Gallery, and includes Oleksiy Apolonov, Volodymyr Bovkun, Olena Priduvlova, Petro Bevza, Sergiy Chaika, Artem Volokitin, Volodymyr Yakovets, Bondero, Andriy Bludov, Oleksandr Babak, Vitor Pokidanets, Taya Galagan, Eduard Potapenkov, Vadym Kharabaruk and others. Contemporary artists continue the tradition typical for the Kyiv artists of admiring the city, comprehend the changes in it by means of art. And just like the artists of the previous era, they work for history’ sake: future generations will see Kyiv of the beginning of the third millennium era through the eyes of today"s artists.

Margarita Sherstiuk "CSC - 2", 2016 Oil on canvas 100x150 cm