The states keep developing based on obsolete structures. The events of recent years display not just a deep crisis of socio-economic orders but rather the impossibility of fundamental changes to existing systems. In moments of apparent turning points, a situational adjustment of the XX century society architecture is, in fact, applied – it freshens up the “interface” but does not offer systemic solutions. For example, it is impossible to transform society in such a way as to overcome the institutional distrust crisis. Right and left populist protests in the USA, Hungary, France, Georgia, Ukraine show that the demands of the protesters are still rooted in the existing system.

Most revolutionary or protest programs aren’t brave enough to drive movement towards a more malleable and decentralized system.

However, it is possible to initiate the reinterpretation processes and argue the need for change. The current centrifugal trend may then become a platform for productive dialogue between communities and social add-ons.

This is not a competition for righteousness but a need for ambitious transformations of a profoundly innovative nature. The artistic gesture repeatedly became the catalyst of consciousness transformations. The This Is Not a Competition theme announces the start of a dialogue with a parity position of the parties involved.  


Eugene Bereznitsky

Maria Vtorushina