Museum Weekend with Leonardo, Botticelli and Raphael
May 18-20, cinema 

The museum weekend is three art-films about the life and work of the artists of the Renaissance. Films about Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Botticelli, that have gained the commitment of viewers around the world, reveal previously unknown facts from the life of artists.

May 18th: Leonardo da Vinci: Genius in Milan
Experienced professionals will reveal to us the story of the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci in the movie, which took 6 years to build. "Leonardo da Vinci: Genius in Milan. Created on the basis of a grand exposition dedicated to the artist at the EXPO in Milan. On big screens we will see a thorough study and history of hundreds of paintings by the artist, including the legendary Secret Supper and the Codex Atlanticus.

May 19th: Raphael: the Lord of the Arts
Raphael: The Lord of the Arts" is the first film about the life and work of one of the most famous artists in the world - Raphael Santi! In the film we will visit dozens of museum locations, and also carefully consider over 20 works of the artist. Professional comments will allow you to understand \ reveal how Raphael;s works illustrate fragments from his life.

May 20: Botticelli: Inferno
The film-show will reveal puzzles on Dante's holy map and the secrets of the most rebellious artist of the Renaissance. Why Inferno of Sandro Botticelli was uncompleted? How is the picture lost and brought back to life? This film is an exciting story that reveals the unexpected, dark side of the artist known for such calm and idealistic works as "Birth of Venus" and "Spring".

Caravaggio: The Form of Darkness;

is a movie journey trhough the life, work and affluent existence of Michelangelo Merizio da Caravaggio. To trace the story of his life and creative
path is extremely difficult: most of the facts of the life of the Italian painter were found in the records of his enemies or in judicial protocols. The film pays special attention to the life of Caravaggio, full of light and shadow, contrasts and contradictions, genius and rebellion.

May 22: cinema "Ukraine"; and "Planet Cinema";
May 24: Kyiv Cinema
The program was developed by KyivMusicFilm