Nebo Art Gallery

Kyiv, Ukraine,

14 Dragomyrova Str.


Andriy Tsoy

Nikita Tsoy

In his essay Myth Today (1957), Roland Barthes suggests: “The best weapon against the myth is perhaps to mythify it in its turn, and produce an artificial myth”.

Help me Сhesuss! – is a scream of paralyzed integration that shines in a space of devoided prospects. Heroes of this scream either never think about the past and the future, or objectively avoid it in their infinite process of mimicry.


Such hyperrealism of our reality does not contradict with mysticism and suspense, however, on the contrary, appears to be their condition. “Reality” is born not only in the documentation of the scream with an orthographic mistake, but also uses the removal of the past and the future as its competitors, which usually put pressure on the present, and, in fact, determine it. Man of today is internally divided into a moral-aesthetic collage, in which “yesterday”, “tomorrow” and “today” are equalized. This isolation, which holds in the same project a colossal difference of several very close potentials, shouts for help under the pressure. The scream that loses its meaning on its way.

Help me Chesuss!