The ArtHuss Foundation (Kyiv) is engaged in exhibition and publishing activities, organizes art projects and promotes contemporary Ukrainian art. It was responsible for implementation of such projects as the Unknown (Modern Art Research Institute, Yermilov Center), Tango in a Madhouse (Modern Art Research Institute), 36 Months (Kyiv History Museum), Inside Japan (Kyiv History Museum). A wide range of artists of different styles and trends such as Zoya Orlova, Alevtina Kakhidze, Konstantin Zorkin, Gamlet Zinkovsky, Mykyta Kravtsov, Ilya Isupov, Andriy Bludov and many others were invited to collaborate.

ArtHuss presents the Tunnel Vision project comprised of a series of graphic and pictorial works which show a combination of incongruous elements. The figures form amazing patterns and create new entities.

Ophthalmological pathology, the loss of peripheral vision – the so-called tunnel vision - with artist’s interpretation turns into a metaphor of constriction of the vision, loss of the vision control. In ophthalmology this may have different causes, but in symbolic terms the artists provide their own version of this state: anger, propaganda, ideology, aggression, fear, stereotypical thinking which forms a special form of limited vision.