Bereznitsky Aesthetics has a history going back over 20 years. Being one of the first Kyiv galleries specializing in contemporary art, the institution operated for some time in Berlin. Returning to Ukraine in 2015, the gallery transformed the name and expanded the scope of its activities. Bereznitsky Aesthetics is an art platform that combines a gallery, an art consulting bureau and a culturological hub.

During the Kyiv Art Week, BA is presenting selected works from two projects carried out in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The Theory of Everything (Yuriy Sivirin, Vitaliy Makoviy). Visual content for the Sivirin experiment is based on popular content from popular public forums and resources dedicated to visual art. The author reflects on the fact that the media landscape becomes individualized and encapsulated. Social networks and search engines help a person construct their reality by offering exclusively the content that the user enjoyed earlier. Collision with the reality of another provokes a collapse. In this world there is no truth and fiction, while ideas have no creator.

Vitaly Makoviy works in a joint field of ideas with Yuriy, materializing ideas in semi-abstract objects. Sometimes in his installations you can identify the response of the silhouette of a futuristic spacecraft or military equipment. However, one model combines so many ideas that it loses not only its form, but also its content. Because of the inability to be recognized, objects do not appear to the viewer in full. They hide their true function, material and purpose.

Save Us by Julia Belyaeva reveals the polemics of a post-totalitarian society. The works show that in the modern, high-tech world there are no basic principles of humanity. The main idea sends the viewer to the concept of the end of history. According to the philosopher Francis Fukuyama, history will cease to develop as soon as an ideal social order emerges. Nevertheless, to realize it in practice seems impossible, and the path to an ideal universe is not easy. The global information society, just like the post-internet society in Belyaeva"s works, are gradual periods, the manifestations of which she records, accompanied by her own irony and aesthetics.