The ChervoneChorne gallery opened in 2013, yet it’s been operating as an art residence Knyazha Gora since 2006. Numerous art projects were carried out over that period including: Grass Geometry by Oleksiy Lytvynenko and Intimacy by Serhiy Savchenko, Refuge of the Poet, Sanctuary, Demarcation Line by Volodymyr Budnikov and Vlada Ralko and Still Life by Oleksandr Babak.

For the KAW the gallery presents an art project that combines the presentation of two major series of paintings by Olexander Babak: Dniprovska Street and Still Life, as well as books of the same name that documented this project.

Dniprovska Street and Still Life are the artist’s musings on the global concepts of life, war and art. By studying the beauty of landscapes of the city of Kaniv, the artist reveals his deep feelings, mindset and attitude to reality. Turning to the details, he closely examines sleepy villages full of silence and grandeur, conducts a creative expedition to a particular intertemporal street — all for the sake of training his memory. Nature morte, as a witness of the time, a realm of a quiet life without war and conflict — and therefore without humans — is a kind of a parallel reality for the artist, one of the main drivers of his works. Looseness of form, color expression — everything speaks of a powerful burst of the artist’s energy that accompanied the process of creation.

Oleksandr Babak belongs to the leading Ukrainian artists whose work opened a new phase of modern Ukrainian art.