The Dymchuk Gallery was founded in 2008. Within 5 years the gallery has implemented a number of projects at various sites in Kyiv and Odessa. Among them were RESTART ODESSA, RESTART KYIV, Star Wars, Save the President. In 2013 the gallery opened its doors in Kyiv, 21 Yaroslavska Street.

The Dymchuk Gallery participated in international art forums, exhibitions of contemporary art and the Biennale: KUNSTART 2009, ART KYIV contemporary 2009, ART KYIV contemporary 2010, ART KYIV contemporary 2011, ART KYIV contemporary 2012, ARSENALE 2012, Berliner Liste 2013, VOLTA 10, KOLNER LISTE 2015, Art Copenhagen 2015.

The mission of Dymchuk Gallery is to promote the development of the Ukrainian contemporary art through exhibitions, presentations and participation in auctions and exhibitions of contemporary art in Ukraine and abroad.

The Dymchuk Gallery carries out educational activities: publications of exhibition catalogs and books, lectures, workshops, literary evenings and meetings with artists. The activities of the gallery are focused on shaping a more complete and keen understanding of contemporary art by the wide audience.