LerNi Art Foundation - a fund that initiates, supports and represents Georgian art projects around the world. The aim of the fund is to promote Georgian artists, as well as to create an international platform for Georgian artists to form a debate around contemporary art.

At Kyiv Art Week, the foundation is displaying the Gateway project by Larry Chanturia. This series is the epitome of ancient human knowledge that leads us into the world of renunciation of reality. To understand what the artist had in mind creating a particular work one may need only to look inward. Knowing your own feelings and imagination, understanding of internal state allows for a few minutes to feel those hidden forces, which sleep in the depths of our subconscious. You feel really important, your mind becomes the most important thing, and no matter how far you are from the art, you realize that all works are created with the most important sense, the most important commandment - "Love your neighbor as yourself." These works are first of all an anthem to human perfection and human body, hidden secret feelings that are inherent in all of us.


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