Shcherbenko Art Center (SAC) was founded in 2012 by curator and gallery owner Marina Shcherbenko. The key objective of SAC is to create opportunities for dialogue between the professional world of contemporary art and a wide audience. Also, the art center operates as an experimental platform for “young” contemporary art, which is one of the key activities of the institution. Recognizing the need for institutional support of young artists, the center launched the MUHi (Young Ukrainian Artists) contest in 2009, which in 2017 will take place for the fifth time.

The group project for KAW will consist of both young and known artists of the older generation: media art by Daniel Galkin and Alina Maksimenko, painting by Alexander Gnylytsky, Valerie Trubina, Ruslan Tremba, Yaroslav Prysyazhnyuk, Vasyl Bazhay, graphics by Serhiy Kaydaka and sculpture by Maria Kulikovska. The project is based on an attempt to comprehend the concept of memory. Works of artists are focused around the possibility of storing and remembering of what cannot be captured — the human creative idea frozen in time. The art work allows the viewer to watch here and now, in our reality, images that come from a kind of “supra-reality” with sensual and non-sensual experiences intersecting within it.


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