Stedley Art Foundation was created in 2011 as a private initiative of Stella Benyaminova. The mission of the Foundation is to support the development of cultural process in Ukraine, promote Ukrainian artists and their projects, as well as revitalize international cultural exchange and create a positive image of national art on the global art scene.

The philosophy of the Foundation is the assertion that culture should not be a luxury, but has become a law, a necessity, an urgent ethical and aesthetic need.

Areas of activity: forming a new cultural environment; developing and implementing educational programs and projects; encouraging the development of new forms in the field of visual arts (media, public art, street art).

Stedley Art Foundation opens the door of the “White Space” exhibition hall both for recognized masters and for daring experiments and discussions, promotes the integration of Ukrainian culture in the global context, supports the interest of collectors, patronage and sponsorship in the country.

For Kyiv Art Week, the Foundation is displaying the sculptures of Oleksandr Zhivotkov.