The WORKSHOP gallery was founded in 1999 as a specialized platform for masters of poster graphics. In addition to the collection of posters of the gallery owners (one of the largest in Eastern Europe) the gallery held exhibitions of worldwide masters: Peter Poch, Roman Kalarus, Stasys Eidrigevicius, and others. The gallery subsequently expanded its profile and has started to show works by contemporary Ukrainian artists, among them: Victor Sidorenko, Eduard Belsky, Anatoliy Kryvolap, Vladimir Veshtak, Tiberiy Silvashy. The project presented by the gallery at the Kyiv Art Week is a retrospective of the works by Vladimir Veshtak, created during the period of 2007-2017. His works contain nothing figurative, yet at the same time there is a deep look inside very specific occurences and author’s thoughts on them. Since no instruments are able to record the results of this look into the depths of his own immediate experience, their function is performed by the hand of the artist, which like a sensitive needle of seismograph provides a graphical display of the tectonic fluctuations, impressions and thoughts. The exhibition presents artworks from different periods, grouped solely by the format as an arbitrary characteristic of the work to give the viewer an opportunity to reliably examine the time scale in the artist"s inner view.