Presentation of Valerii Trubina's project "Atlanta's Dreams"

... Presented in this exposition - the work of different years - early, late, today ... they are from different periods of my life and of course my development, not only as an artist, but also personality ... but it is their emotional memory that connects them. The memory of the moment of the event. Because of the honey of painting, this emotion passes into "iconic memory", as its scientists (Jung) call it - the feature of which is the fixation of information in a holistic portrait form. A simple object for observation - a flower in a glass, a window, a landscape - executed as a "portrait" - finds a new semantic meaning - we perceive it as "personality". But the portraits of musicians and listeners are becoming a transfer of the unrealistic - we sound like a sound ... and the landscape becomes another place of walks ... drag the threads of visible memory and the waters of Atlantis, come to us in our dreams and endlessly attract and enchant with ours refreshing infinity!

Text : Valery Trubina