Opening “Inside the Unknown”

“Inside the Unknown” is a study of contemporary society and the anti-utopian consequences of
technological progress. It is a curious tale of reinventing one’s identity: centuries of fostering human
relationships and their total immersion into the online mode within a few years. This is a story about
today, tomorrow, and a thousand years from now.
Evgen Karas, a renowned art expert and a gallery owner, has been chosen as this exhibition’s
curator. “Inside the Unknown” has merged together painting, video art and interactive installations by
two artists with different backgrounds, yet similar ideas about shifting attitudes towards humanity in
times of accelerating technological progress.
Title of this exhibition symbolises a non-existent space, which stores all of the data generated and
consumed daily. Simultaneously, this information loses its significance due to the inherent inability to
be fully grasped or contained.
Project includes Darina Mo Mot’s series of paintings and an interactive installation, which will provide
an opportunity for each visitor to leave their ‘selfie’ in the gallery and take part in a social experiment,
aimed to represent people on social media. In continuation with the topic of digital omnipresence in
everyday life, this project also includes Rafael Hanussek’s video called “Generation Y the Fuck.” It’s
an insightful set of recordings and interviews of different people across the globe, from Asia and
Europe to America, which were compiled during two years that artist has spent making this film. As a
result, a 100 hour-long footage was documented during his travels in eight different countries and 17
cities. Regardless of the diversity of these cultures, young people looked quite similar in their style, the
way they dressed, and their overall mood and sense of isolation. “Inside the Unknown” — an
entangled tale of a digital generation.
“At first glance, “Inside the Unknown” project aims to combine the impossible, yet it is a deliberate
provocation, which points out the chasm and border that occurs between reality and virtuality in the
age of blossoming digital-narcissism. This project is conceived by two unique Generation Y artists — a
Ukrainian painter, Darina Mo Mot, who extrapolates the offline reality [in her works], and a young
German director, Rafael Hanussek, who captures the devaluation of sensations and emotions of real
life, due to the constant mediator — the smartphone.
For Art Ukraine Gallery this project is also challenging. In order not to get bogged down by institutional
egocentrism, which recently is the case for the art world, we chose a curator outside of our institution
— one of the most renowned curators and art experts in the field — Evgen Karas. We don’t know for
sure, where this bridge of “Inside the Unknown” will take us, but I’m sure that it will be exciting!” —
Nataliia Zabolotna, founder of Artukraine.
Concept for this exhibition was written in a series of microblogs, since the authors believe that viewers
would rather read ten posts, than a sheet of A4 paper.
“Technologies are like soft recreational drugs; its not about digitalisation, or number of hours spent
online, but rather about the absence of meaning.” — Darina Mo Mot, artist