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Biruchiy: Neochamanism. Ritual Power

The international symposium of contemporary art BIRUCHIY presents at the Kyiv Art Fair 2019 a collective interactive project named “BIRUCHIY 018 or NEOSHAMANISM. RITUAL POWER” devoted to the deep research of the “neoshamanism” concept that unites everything connected with the development of magical and mystical practices by modern people, regardless of their origin and cultural traditions.      

“Shaman practices have become universal – cleared of the ethnic, territorial and religious context and are adapted to any person” – comments project’s curator Natalia Filonenko (Vancouver, Canada) – “An artist in contemporary society can demonstrate a constructive and tolerant view of the coexistence and interaction of various religious and cultural codes, can act as a philosopher and guide of progressive ideas that contribute to the formation of positive mentality in modern Ukraine”.

A multimedia project was created in September 2018 on Biryuchyi peninsula (Kherson region of Ukraine) with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. During the past 14 years the most famous Ukrainian and foreign artists have traditionally been gathered on that place to participate the most important and longest existing artistic residence in Ukraine. After the final exhibition in contemporary art gallery on Biryuchyi peninsula in October 2018, the project was exhibited at the Melitopol City Museum of Local Lore and in November 2018 in Zaporizhzhya Tourist Information Center “ArtHub Zp”. February 2019 the project was shown in Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum. The art research including cultural texts, illustrations of participants’ artworks, reviews of art critics and expositions are fixed in the project catalogue.

Participants: Andriy Bludov (Kyiv), Volodymyr Budnikov (Kyiv), Artem Volokitin (Kharkiv), Ksenia Hnylytska (Kyiv), Volodymyr Gulich (Zaporizhzhya), Yuriy Koval (Lviv), Andriy Lobov (Kyiv), Nastya Loyko (Zaporizhzhya), Tetiana Malinovska (Kharkiv), Olexa Mann (Uzhgorod), Alyona Naumenko (Kyiv), Victor Pokidanets (Kherson), Sofia Pomogaybo (Kyiv), Maria Proshkovska (Kyiv), Vlada Ralko (Kyiv), Elmira Shemsedinova (Kyiv), Alina Yakubenko (Kyiv), Albina Yaloza (Odesa).

Venue: “Toronto-Kyiv” Complex

Address: Kyiv, 100 Velyka Vasylkivska Str.

Entrance: Kyiv Art Fair Ticket