Opening of the special project Biruchiy "Сoloring"

The International symposium of contemporary art BIRUCHIY presents at the Kyiv Art Fair a collective interactive project named "Coloring", dedicated to one of the most recognizable attributes of the peninsula of Biryuchyi - the coastal landscape and its architectural frame. The art project was created in the framework of BIRUCHIY symposium in collaboration of its permanent residents Zhanna Kadyrova and Denis Ruban with the art manager Gennadiy Kozub. Coloring album for sketches includes 12 contour images of the recreation center "Gold Coast" sized A3.

Creators describe the project idea and explain the "rules of the game" by the following: "Everyone is an artist, and artists seldom find time to draw from nature". Our coloring was conceived as an interactive semi-finished product that offers artists the opportunity to work out the well-known motifs, deciding them in color and without spending time finding and compiling the composition. Various artists who have ever worked at BIRUCHIY have been invited to participate. Originally, resident artists had to find the marked locations of tracks on the map that is attached to the project, and work directly with the nature. But the participants treated the compositions in different ways: someone painted realistically from nature, others, without being bound to a place, decided to paint the composition in a pictorial or graphic manner, with colors or markers - all this is the choice of the author. For a professional artist, the experience of painting is very differ from his constant activity. This is an interesting new sensation that can enrich the experience of each person.

 Also the art fair guests will see some paintings created last year at BIRUCHIY residence and the art object-plafond created from metal and used plastic bags found on the Azov coast by Volodymyr Gulich and Nastya Loyko, and the ready-made real boat created on the peninsula by the builders from Rivne for sea fishing, which will briefly emphasize the topographic topic of the exhibition.

At the exposition of the “Colorings” art project will be shown the artworks by: APL 315 (Odesa), Inara Bagirova (Kyiv), Anna Bekerska (Kyiv), Kateryna Berlova (Kyiv), Andriy Bludov (Kyiv), Volodymyr Budnikov (Kyiv), Mykhailo Buksha (Kyiv), Kateryna Buchatska (Kyiv), Myroslav Vayda (Kyiv), Matviy Vaisberg (Kyiv), Artem Volokitin (Kharkiv), Olga Gaidash (Kyiv), Ksenia Hnylytska (Kyiv), Lyolya Goldstein (Kyiv), Zukentiy Gorobiyov (Kyiv), Volodymyr Gulich (Zaporizhzhya), Lev Esterkin (Zaporizhzhya), Yuriy Yefanov (Kyiv), Ilya Isupov (Kyiv), Natalia Karpinska (Kyiv), Yuriy Koval (Lviv), Zhanna Kadyrova (Kyiv), Gennadiy Kozub (Kyiv), Vitaliy Kokhan (Kharkiv), Camille Kravtsova (Paris), Mykyta Kravtsov (Paris), Kateryna Libkind (Kyiv), Nastya Loyko (Zaporizhzhya), Tetyana Malynovska (Kharkiv), Maksym Mamsikov (Kyiv), Olexa Mann (Kyiv), Mykola Matsenko (Cherkasy), Natalia Matsenko (Kyiv), Vyacheslav Mashnitskyi (Kherson), Roman Minin (Kharkiv), Anna Mironova (Kyiv), Roman Mykhailov (Kyiv), Dmytro Moldovanov (Mykolaiv), Nina Murashkina (Kyiv), Marsel Onisko (Uzhgorod), Yuriy Pikul (Kyiv), Victor Pokydanets (Mykolaiv), Sonya Pomogaibo (Kyiv), Maria Proshkowska (Kyiv), Vlada Ralko (Kyiv), Denis Ruban (Kyiv), Oleksiy Sai (Kyiv), Robert Saller (Uzhgorod), Oksana Solop (Kharkiv), Yaroslav Solop (Kyiv), Andriy Stegura (Uzhgorod), Oleg Tistol (Kyiv), Rina Khramtsova (Kherson), Semen Khramtsov (Kherson), Elmira Shemsedinova (Kyiv), Vladyslav Shereshevsky (Kyiv), Volodymyr Yakovets (Cherkasy), Alina Yakubenko (Kyiv), Oleksiy Yalovega (Kharkiv), Albina Yaloza (Odesa).