Ceramics Festival "Tseglyna"

The Concept of Modern Ceramics Festival "TseGlyna--2018" “Transformations”
Our life is extremely dynamic. We live in the days of great changes and inventions. Sometimes these changes are of a large-scale nature, but sometimes they relate only to an individual. Art has always been a kind of indicator that reflects and captures changes in society. The attitude of society itself towards art also reflects these changes.
Ceramic objects have lost their utilitarian purpose and become parts of installations and performances. In our modern days, a spectator more often becomes not only an outsider observer, but also a co-author of an artistic work. Such an active position of spectators encourages artists to create interactive artworks, which can transform in time and space that leads to gaining new content.
The design term "figurative and morphological transformation" means the process of change that transforms one form into another with new content, new characteristics, and new functions. The main idea of the artwork-transformers, regardless of their subject matter, is in possibility to place their elements in various ways.
For an artist, everything is important in a work from a shape and the amount of the elements to colors and decor. All of these are used as codes that the work would have several ideas and meanings in addition to the main idea. Even if viewers do not know how to "decode" the information, they will perceive most of it subconsciously, on the genetic level.
Olesya Dvorak-Halik will present a series named "Endless in Endless." The series presents the Ukrainian symbol of infinity, which consists of many ceramic Ukrainian symbols of infinity. It is a symbol of life and death. It represents the constant movement of the universe and a human in it, the change of day and night, the combination of male and female origins, and the endless love and harmony.
Giia Miminoshvyli will present a series named "Battualia". “March”, “Raid”, “Attack”, “Submerged”, “Victory”, “Tombs” are various elements combined in horizontal and vertical positions and forming many different new compositions.
Oleksandr Miroshnychenko will present a series named "Heade". New sculptures depict a still moment of the destruction. This is a transition moment of a whole completed image into new state. A human being without personality crumbles and disappears, gradually becomes a part of the surrounding landscape.
Yuri Musatov will present a series named "My Planet". It is a comparison of the life of one planet with the life of each living organism with its unique characteristics and abilities, such as sensuality and passion, plasticity and dynamics, delicacy and fragility.
Volodymyr Khyzhynskyi will present the artwork named "Equilibrium". Dynamic arched elements can be combined in various ways. However, in order to make such a composition, it is necessary to find the balance--- "equilibrium"---between the elements. The decor consists of abstract colored spots with images of birds symbolizing the element of air and meanders, which are the symbols of human life.
Overall, more than 45 artists from different cities of Ukraine participate in the project every year.