Ciao, Bella!

“Such are the successive phases of the development of the image:

  it is the reflection the profound reality;

  it masks and denatures a profound reality;

  it masks the absence of a profound reality;

  it has no relation to any reality whatsoever, it is its own pure simulacrum”.

(Jean Baudrillard, “Simulacra and Simulation”).

What is the revolution today, at a time when Jean Baudrillard, Roland Barth, Jacques Lacan, etc., replaced the apostles in the secularized world? Revolution is a simulacrum. It “does not happen”. Instead of it, not even in the society of the spectacle, but in the post-truth society, as always, acts the urban guerrilla warfare. Without distinguishing what exactly Trotsky wrote about the permanent revolutions, and what wrote commandant Che, revolution is being united in small squads. Our guerilla knows: “It is not always necessary to wait until all the conditions for the revolution have matured: the rebel center can create them itself” (Ernesto Che Guevara, “Partisan War”). The purpose of the city partisans has also not changed: make the world better. “The revolutionary’s duty is to do anything to revolutionize” (C. Marigella).

But how can we affect the reality-simulacrum? How to create revolutions without revolutions? How to improve life without resorting to the expropriation of symbolic values, without robbing and killing, as “political” revolutionaries? The method is verified throughout the history of mankind. Just with the help of symbolic, but not iron, weapons, “hard steel”. All the members of our “fire band” – photo artists Serhiy Kadulin and VarrIng, painter Valentina Zasutskaya, have chosen the visual art as a weapon. It, instead of literature, is the language of the 21st century.

Serhiy Kadulin opposes the meditative photos of nature to the daily way of looking at the world. “The nature surrounding us is an example for people, because we are inextricably linked with it, and we all came out of this source. The revolution (global cataclysms) happens very rarely in the nature, and most changes are small in scale. But this does not prevent the nature from successful self-regulation, finding a balance and opportunities for development, albeit without elements of the struggle”, Kadulin is sure.

“The archeology of time” is the leitmotif of creativity of a photographer that works under the pseudonym VarrIng. The artist demonstrates his relation to the given by the organizers of KAW-19 topic through the study of destroyed, that once were beautiful and symbolic, buildings. Inside these buildings, on the walls, he finds the remnants of the communist slogans, which are signs of competition that permeateв all the existence of socialism. But the symbols that are next to them, the fate of their owners, remind us the price of the “sweet” promises of the Communists. In the photographs relating to the period of the Revolution of Prudence, he skillfully sets out the accents pointing to the attitude of the EuroMaydan members to the “Soviet” ideas of being and to the figure of the “Chief” of communism itself. The “Still Life from the Maidan” is personally collected by the author, concentrating signs that demonstrate the aspirations, the way and the price paid by the protestors for refusing to return to the socialist camp. In the Ukrainian House he finds “the Great Chief” dropped from the pedestal, a condemned and executed, as a sign of the final refusal of the “new generation” of Ukrainians from the Soviet ideology. With his unique photographs, the author has masterfully emphasized that he left us the time of socialist emulation movement. “Processes of transformation in a society should not be a competition. Therefore, there should be no new victims and victories. But which new events and changes will take place, depends on our participation in the dialogue between social groups and social superstructures”, – VarrIng comments his photo works.

Valentina Zasutskaya is well-known for her ability to see positivity in every person without exception. But this time the artist amazed us with a completely new look on mankind. The heroines of her new portrait cycle “Drony” is definitely not gloss-heroines. Girls-Terminators. Girls with the destiny of military drones. The girls are the embodiment of both “Bella Ciao”, when Manu Chao sings the anthem of the Italian Resistance, and Anita Lane’s lyrical English ballad on how “Oh Partisan, take me from this place, because I feel I’m dying here”. “There are no single, homeless Drones: everyone has a master. Do they need us to play? Do we want them to be our vision? Is it our weapon? Or is it our dream to fly and look at the bird’s-eye view?.. Is this a competition with itself – or a human with another human? Who is faster, who is higher, who is stronger, thanks to them, Drones? .. “

Che Guevara believed that the task of a real guerrilero is not just to change the world for the better. At the same time, the partisans have also to change themselves. Our “fire group” did it. Join us. O partigiano portami via. O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao…

Curatur: Brailovskiy Heorhyy

Ukraine, Kyiv


Location :

Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery

Kyiv, 59B Saksaganskogo Str.