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Igor Gaidai: Verum in Grano

Verum in grano. The truth is in the grain.

How can you take a picture of what’s invisible?

I can take a photograph of  almost everything that can be seen with my eyes, however it is what is not visible that is of particular interest to me.

Is not it strange that a human being perceives 80% of information visually? But at the same time, the material world occupies only about 5% of the Universe, according to representatives of modern science.

The rest of the Universe is invisible.

Since childhood, I have been interested in the combination of the visible and the invisible. My passion for photography has contributed to this. The process itself was magical; the ‘hidden’ image became visible during development in the dark room. But the next level of understanding photography turned out to be even more magical. This is time itself, and what is connected with time, the exposure time, the simultaneity of what is happening and historical time as well.

For myself, I have called the wonder of photography, “the second level of magic”. What’s more, I have found another level, and that is the invisible part of the visible. The duality of matter, as an example, let’s take a grain.

It’s visible, it has a shape, sometimes interesting, sometimes not, but the most important thing in the grain, is what is not visible; even under a microscope.

I took some pictures of ordinary grains. The result was a visual object for meditation. However, the grain’s shape does not indicate what the plant inside will actually be, when it will germinate, bloom or ripen. Everything is inside the grain. This is a certain kind of program. How, and by whom, was it created?

Igor Gaidai.

Venue: Camera Gallery

Address: Kyiv, 22 Prorizna Str.

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