Opening "Time foxhole"

Life accelerates with every minute. Days are being "flipped" as glossy magazine pages - one picture is changed to next one immediately, it looks bright but they are so similar. It's said that it is a problem of middle-aged people, who starts to feel catastrophic deficit of time and own finiteness. Sometimes you
suffocate trying to catch up "something very important" - deficiency of time meets to deficiency of oxygen. Priority is being depreciated so quick: important deals of today will cost nothing tomorrow, but we are running after the next fixed idea with all our might. As one of my comrades in misfortune noticed, - existence seems like "groundhog day" - endless deja vu of samey deadlines. That is why modern person has a feeling that he/she not only does not have time but generally cannot enjoy the life. Life not only passes by you, but also bypasses you. On purpose to break this feeling of emptiness, it is spreads of popularity of different comfortable lifstyles - Hygge, Downshifting, etc. that helps to feel the life. Paradoxically, but people can feel their life only when they "do not live", when they watch the life flow, when the come out from it. In real, it is changing of philosophical position - from player to observer, from vita activa - colorful life to vita contemplative - life of an observer. Detachment from the life allows you to make out in it. Hannah Arendt said that active life, engagement with the cycle of creation and consumption of material goods motivate to refuse from political position. That is the painful point for the artist - that social responsibility, that we always forget, when time foxhole of "urgent matters" becomes less. That is why, probably, it is panacea for endless racing - to more contemplate time and space - as minimum and to try to take part of course of things - as maximum.

Artists: Olha Drozd, Olena Nebesna, Anna Pylypchuk, Tetiana Sabirova, Margo Rieznik, Viacheslav Shadrin, Nataliia Anufriieva, Nadiia Bychek, Anna Legenka, Mariia Proshkovska, Oleksii Burdyi, Oleksandra Dotsok, Juli Kisel, Anna Roienko, Olena Kyrpa, Stan Kvytko, Vasyl Ravlyk, Natalia Sokorenko, Kseniia Oksіn, Anton Logov, Valentyn Chornyi, Y.O.V, Viktoriia Lykholot, Mariana Melnychuk, Nazar Mostovyi, Natalia Mysak, Anna Bitaieva, Valeriyá Tarasenko, Sergey Kirillov and other.