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OPENING. “Your Portrait”

The project “Your Portrait” will be presented on the Kyiv Art Week, which will present works from the private collection of Oleg Sosnov. The collection will include works by Ukrainian and foreign artists.The exposition will be dedicated to portraits and sketches on anthropomorphic forms. Nowadays, in a society and art, there is a crisis of self-identity, such exhibition should attract attention to the diversity of artistic and human personality, immerse the viewer in a crowd of unfamiliar faces and push him to find a reflection in each of them. Within the framework of the same project, the artists Anna Hodkova and Christina Yarosh will make the author’s installation directly on the location of the exhibition. We often ask ourselves “Who am I?” But artists try to answer this question with their own works. The project “Your portrait” is an attempt to give a detailed answer to this question, to plunge into the inner worlds of artists, and to encourage the viewer to put it always an up-to-date question. Everyone sees herself differently, but the search for answers is all about us. This search will be dedicated to the exhibition. The show will feature pieces by Bohdan Burenko, Kirill Protsenko, Anna Khodkova, Kristina Yarosh, Vitya Kravets, Nikita Kravtsov, Dmytro Krasniy, Anastasiya Sirenko, Dmytro Kryshovsky, Alisa Gots, Abel Pann, Nina Savenko, Igor Ouvaroff, Kirill Kto, Maxim Zabrodsky, Marat Danilyan, Matviy Vaysberg, Nina Murashkina, Roman Minin, Sergiy Radkevich, Sergiy Yukhimov, Olexiy Apollonov, Igor Selemenev, Andriy Pidysniy, Oleksandr Dryomov, Olexander Bogomazov and others.

Venue: “Toronto-Kyiv” Complex

Address: Kyiv, 79 Antonovycha Str.

Time: 19.00