Tetyana Ramus is a Ukrainian artist, designer, public activist, producer, author and presenter of television projects.

In 2012, she founded the brand ARTRAMUS, which combined modern art and high fashion. She studied fine art in Ukraine, in New York – at an educational center at the MOMA Museum, in Italy – under the guidance of representatives of the Italian art school, as well as in Greece and the United Kingdom. In the framework of the project “Dresses” (2014), Tetyana Ramus created a series of paintings in style of fashion-illustrations, as well as a line of author’s clothes and accessories based on their motives. The conception of works has become a reflection of her previous TV experience as a journalist and a TV-host, namely Tetyana’s professional activity as an interviewer and her personal communication with some outstanding world famous women, includes Ornella Muti, Juliette Binoche, Geena Davis etc. Exactly those prominent personalities gave a primary creative start and inspiration for Tetyana’s art. Her canvases have become the painter’s symbolical outlook of those female images. In the center of ARTRAMUS world is a completely different, bright, original femininity that destroys a lot of stereotypes. Individuality, strength, depth that exists in every woman, her constants and transformations, are expressed through the metaphor of the Cat image capable of being in several dimensions at the same time which is inherent not only in different shades of mood, but also in absolute freedom and balance. The image of the Cat symbolizes the beauty and charms of the main character of the fashion art-concept ARTRAMUS, “that lives in its own time flow and behaves as if the world of people is just a stop on the way to something much more interesting”. Under the motives of paintings, Tetyana creates sculptures, artistic dinners, and also decorates spaces by transferring images of his paintings to various and unexpected objects. Tetyana Ramus was awarded with an honorary prize by Mazzoleni Foundation – Award Fondazione Mazzoleni “For International Artist” (Italy, Venice, 2017).

23 May


ARTRAMUS gallery

Kyiv, 3/1 Zankovetskoi Str. 

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