Opening "Soot. Storage"

Petro Smetana (Lviv) «Soot». Painting

Constant volume flow of information destroys long-lasting memory. Today there are very few things that can attract attention for more than a moment, and a human being is also a short-term episode. Until recently, understanding of the fact that something created by a human man will definitely outlive him/her was unambiguously true. However, now, because of the total shortage of space, time, memory, this belief can restrict the development of the progressive phenomena. I explore images that have no place for a person, but only for him/her creation. I create images of nature-culture, human-industry, and regress-progress conflict, entered in the modernity. I analyze landscape changing under the influence of a human being. However, I portray only the consequences of his/her activities. I transfer the process of penetration of urban space industrial objects into the artistic work. I am looking for an answer to the question: Is this material heritage of the past generations a blessing or a mold?

Olha Kuzyura (Lviv). «Storage». Installation

Material objects being evidence to the aesthetic and mental insistence on high standards of the Human Era become the source of a deeper study of collective memory. A break in the continuity of our organic cultural evolution occurred against the background of a rapidly changing geopolitical map of the world. The intellectual and material heritage baggage, which should have been the basis of our self-identification, was irreversibly deformed. The generation of individuals was removed from our past, and the components of the value system that could have been our guide today were systematically destroyed. This symbolic space as an integrity provides confidence to a person and his/her place in real life. The emptiness formed was roughly filled with objections and synthetic values. A person was given the limits and algorithms of existence. The organic environment of the material world was replaced by a new one. The architecture turned into sharply defined blocks, container towers, and identical modules for identical people. The isometric view of confined space is a measure that is to limit the existence and physical movement. This measure passed through decades from the metric system categories to the thinking system of all generations.
The footprints from the fragments of lost interiors, destroyed buildings are part of the installation...
Each paper work is not only a death-mask, but also a document, a carrier denoting human presence. The modern world processes lead us to a common multicultural consequent, deforming and blurring national identity. Memory, not silence, is the instrument of reconstruction that is capable of defining our Present and Future.