Opening "KNO lab. space – 'icons \ W13'

Icons \ W13

Linda Arts (NL), Wahida Azhari (DE), Louise Blyton (AU), Nina Smykalova(UA), José Heerkens (NL), Sarah Keighery (AU), Beverly Rautenberg (US), Suzan Shutan (US), Dombrovska Elena (UA), Jessica Snow (US), Li Trincere (US), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Henriëtte Van 't Hoog (NL). 

Curated by Billy Gruner (AU).

We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of the next exhibition of KNO lab. space project – “Icons \ W13”, which will be held in the Mikhail Bulgakov museum on May 22 at 19:00. The KNO lab. space project will be realized in 2018 as the series of experimental exhibitions, which will feature works of Ukrainian and International non-objective artists.

"... What seems obvious to ask about this particular curation is why restrict that to women only? To question this is reasonable, and what is actually assumed by the curators interest in any supposed connections being made by the artists presenting to an early 20thc super-reductive figurehead. And does this need frank discussion within a complex post 20thc arena. This proposition is interesting given the discovery of 'Malevich the educator' as noted by Tetyana Filevska in her stunning new book based on his own notes, 'Kazimir Malevich. Kiev Period 1928 - 1930', as these rare and now compiled documents more than any other matter underline an 'other life' so to speak. Her book illuminates a sensitive and thoughtful world totally given over to academic and theoretical radicalism, not painting. 

Further, its necessary to ask why are we interested in this artists ideas today when the art world had seemingly moved so far from early modernist concerns for radical constructive expression (within the visual arts and elsewhere) by the 2000s? This familiar questioning of a subject I and others share an interest in specifically relates how and why supposedly radical modernist forms are being reinstated by many well trained and committed makers; as contemporary practice. A key to this is looking for what kind of rationale is taking place, who began or enacted on this thinking, and whose fresh ideas have been delivered after 2000 as we collectively edge away from the 20th century and its influence of Avant guard themes altogether. For these reasons this curatorial commentary on one level enacts a simple ‘look at’ what may be drawn or should be dispelled as erroneous within a critique of a purely female curation of post 20th century art, of purely radical visual-forms within that. "

From the "Gender Neutrality in Reductive Art" essay by Billy Gruner, written for "Icons\W13" show.

The essay is available, follow the link:

Partners: Mikhail Bulgakov Museum.

Media partners: In Kyiv

Mikhail Bulgakov museum
Andreevskiy Descent, 13
Kiev, Ukraine.

Opening May 22th, 7-9 pm.
On view through June 20th.
Open hours: 10am–6pm. 
Closed - Wednesdays.